How much does it cost to study abroad in Australia

Mang theo con khi du học Úc và quy định của từng bang

For a long time, the desire to study in Australia has been the heart of many young Vietnamese students. However, to do this, when is the question “How much does it cost to study in Australia?” also appeared at the same time with the dream of studying abroad.

In order to answer the above question, and partly help parents and students get an overview, we will share the AUSTRALIA EDUCATION COSES GUIDE 2020-2021 all about expenses. Details for Vietnamese students in the article below.

Specifically, expenses from 1 to 4 will be the things that parents and Vietnamese students need to pay attention to before going to study abroad.

1. Tuition fees to study in Australia

Australia requires all international students to pay tuition fees at the beginning of the semester and some additional fees (library, laboratory, student union fee, participation fee to use sports facilities). , expenses for books, stationery, etc.).

These types of tuition fees to study in Australia 2020-2021 all have varying limits depending on the school, class, and course that you apply for.

Depending on the registration facility, there will be different timelines for you to pay and different payment methods for the facility.

Degree level

Learning time

Tuition fees to study in Australia

Learn English

Depending on request 300-560 AUD/week

High school

Up to 5 years 11,000 – $18,000 AUD/year

Pre University 6-12 months 16,000–33,000 AUD/year

Associate colleges 6-12 months 16,000–33,000 AUD/year

Vocational colleges 1-2 years 6,000–18,000 AUD/year

University 3-4 years 17,000–43,000 AUD/year

Master 1-2 years 22,000–45,000 AUD/year

Doctor 3-4 years 22,000–45,000 AUD/year

2. Australia visa application fee

In addition to the tuition fee, you need to prepare an expense for the Australian student visa application to the consulate.

Specifically, the Australian visa application fee for hssvn Vietnam when you apply to study abroad is 620 AUD.

3. Health examination fee

Depending on the clinic service specified, the health examination fee will range from VND 2,000,000 – VND 2,500,000.

Please note, the clinic service facility for student visa application must be designated by the Australian consulate in Vietnam.

4. OSHC Health Insurance

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is mandatory for all international students in Australia.

International students must have this insurance before leaving to study in Australia and must maintain it throughout the period of study and living in this country.

The cost of health insurance will vary depending on your OSHC service provider and the length of time you study in Australia.


With a wide range of qualifications recognized around the world, the Australian study abroad journey is even more favorable when Vietnam is in the Australian Government Assessment Level 2 (AL2) review level 2, opening up countless opportunities to study abroad. you pursue your dream of studying, working and living in the Land of Kangaroos.

Accordingly, Australia’s study abroad policy is also more flexible such as exemption of financial proof, no IELTS certificate required, which shortens the processing time for Australian student visa so that you don’t miss the upcoming admission period (February 5). , July, October every year).

In particular, Australia is a “generous” country in the number of scholarships available to international students. Each year, the Australian government provides more than 250 million AUD to international students at all levels of study, including high school, college, undergraduate and postgraduate. The sources of scholarships from Australian schools are also very abundant and great value from 30-100%. You can refer to the latest list of scholarships to study in Australia here

In terms of job opportunities, Australian students are allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight during the semester and unlimited during vacations. Along with that is the policy of staying to work (Post-Study Work Visa) from 2-6 years after graduation, as a premise for career development and settlement in Australia later.

5. Housing costs

Wherever you are, housing costs will vary depending on the geographic area you choose to live and study in. Australia is no exception.

The standard of living in the city center of Melbourne or Sydney is higher than other areas such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart and Darwin, as these are all the most developed areas in Australia.

However, much of the cost of housing in Australia depends on your choice of housing type and how you plan to spend it.

Specifically, the following are popular housing choices when studying in Australia 2020-2021.

Housing choice

Cost estimates

Natives 400 – 1,000 AUD/month

Rent 300 – 1,300 AUD/month

Dormitory 320 – 1,000 AUD/month

Hostel or guest house 50 – 500 AUD/month

5.1 Stay with a local Australian

If you choose to study short courses, you can choose to share a home with a host of locals.

This is the fastest and most natural way for you to integrate and learn about the Australian culture and lifestyle. In addition, there is also an additional cost of meals if you choose to share meals with the host.

A list of people who are always willing to let you rent a room is available at the school you are applying to attend.

Estimated cost: 400 – 1,000 AUD/month.

5.2 Renting a house in Australia

Renting a big house and choosing to live with friends at an Australian university is also a popular option.

Just like in Vietnam, when renting a house, you also need to deposit 1 month in advance and have to pay rent in advance for that month.

Usually, when moving to this form of living, the household items in your home need to be purchased and prepared by yourself.

Estimated cost: 300 – 1,300 AUD/month.

5.3 Dormitory

Registering in a dormitory in the University or near the school is another option for international students.

You can sign up for a place yourself through the Internet or through university bulletin boards.

Estimated cost: 320 – 1,000 AUD/month.

5.4 Renting an inn or guest house

In addition, students can also choose to stay in hostels or motels.

Here, everyone will use the same space as well as living facilities in the kitchen and bathroom.

Estimated cost: 350 – 500 AUD/month.

In addition to tuition fees, the cost of housing is a large part of the cost of studying in Australia 2020-2021, directly affecting the total cost and is an unknown of the answer “How much does it cost to study in Australia?” ?”.

6. Personal living expenses

● Telephone, internet: 20 – 50 AUD/month

● Student insurance (depending on study period): about 450 AUD

● Travel: major cities in Australia are equipped with public transport because of the large area of ​​the city.

Usually in Melbourne, students can swipe cards with different values ​​from 250 AUD (semi-annual type) to 500 AUD (1-year type).

For students, you will enjoy incentives when using these types of vehicles. Please consult with the student office at the university on how to implement the service in the most profitable way.

Telephone, internet 20 – 50 AUD/month

Student insurance about 450 AUD

Go 500 AUD/year (in Melbourne)

Whichever option you choose, rest assured that the quality of housing and living conditions in Australia is appreciated.

Mang theo con khi du học Úc và quy định của từng bang

Australia allows international students to work part-time to increase their income and supplement their external knowledge. You can earn from 17 AUD/hour for a total of up to 40 hours/2 weeks of study time in the country.

Conclusion for the guide to the cost of studying in Australia

As such, you can now check and compare the cost of studying in Australia 2020-2021 for yourself with other developed countries.

From there, you can give yourself the answer to the question “How much does it cost to study in Australia?” and know.