Diverse applications of augmented reality technology in the digital age

Ứng dụng đa dạng của công nghệ thực tế tăng cường trong thời đại công nghệ số

Augmented reality has been and is one of the exciting, outstanding and potential technologies in the 21st century. Unlike virtual reality (VR – Virtual Reality) builds a complete virtual environment around people. Augmented Reality (AR) brings virtual objects into the real surroundings, “enhancing” the user’s sensory experiences, helping users interact more directly and realistically. With users easily able to experience it on smart devices or glasses, AR has been applied in many areas of modern life.

Ứng dụng đa dạng của công nghệ thực tế tăng cường trong thời đại công nghệ  số

1. In sales and marketing

AR opens up new approaches to sales and marketing. Shopping around the store will be much more convenient when customers can easily track specifications, prices, as well as offers and services of each product, with just one glance. The interaction with the product before deciding to buy is also greatly improved. AR allows you to choose the color and shape of products, and try them out in your apartment, before deciding to spend money on the real thing. Intuitive and convenient experience using AR technology will be a big step forward for the future of buying and selling home appliances, furniture and other products.

2. In education, meetings and collaboration

Medical schools around the world have been applying AR in their teaching, helping their students easily observe the morphology and structure of the organs inside the human body, or participate in a case. simulated surgery, instead of accessing the knowledge/images in books and expensive surgical slides. This can also be applied in other subjects and disciplines, making the lessons more lively, interesting and effective.

In addition, with AR technology, online meetings become much easier and more convenient, no longer limited by geographical distance and time difference. You sit in a meeting room, put on your AR-enabled glasses, and you can interact with other members just like in real life, even though they are half a world away from you and are also sitting alone. This was depicted in Kingsman meetings in the series of the same name. Combined with other technologies, AR can even resolve language differences with just one line of translated subtitles, or allow you to record an entire meeting you just witnessed. The barriers inherent in international business have been blurred by the expansion of AR.

3. In research, science and industry

Like science fiction movies, AR has the ability to visualize data through tables and charts that can be interacted with simple hand movements, instead of keyboard / mouse software. boring computer. The easy display and sharing of data will help research and development work to be much improved. In the architecture and construction industry, AR can also help simulate landscape designs, and automatically measure parameters, estimate materials, structures, and costs for buildings.