Decreased visual acuity after birth, what is the cause

Giảm thị lực sau sinh, nguyên nhân do đâu? - Bệnh Viện Mắt Sài Gòn

Causes of mother’s vision loss after giving birth

Do you know that hormonal disturbances after birth is one of the main causes of maternal vision loss, leading to blurred vision and weaker vision. In addition, there are a number of other causes of maternal vision loss after birth such as:

Water retention in eyes

After birth, water retention in the eye is impeded resulting in the cornea being unable to maintain its normal shape, resulting in blurred vision.

Preeclampsia during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman has had pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, this is considered one of the reasons for mother’s sensitivity to light and reduced vision after birth. At this point, the best way is to consult a doctor for the best treatment.

Giảm thị lực sau sinh, nguyên nhân do đâu? - Bệnh Viện Mắt Sài Gòn


After pregnancy, blood sugar levels can fluctuate. This leads to the destruction of the small blood vessels that connect to the retina, making it easier for the mother to have blurred vision after giving birth. In addition, if the mother has diabetes, the possibility of vision loss is very high.


After giving birth, women are often stressed and are more likely to experience high blood pressure. This condition can lead to abnormal changes in vision in the mother after birth.

Pituitary tumor

A pituitary tumor is a rare occurrence, but it can still occur in some women. The disease inhibits the normal functioning of hormones in the body leading to vision problems after birth.

Symptoms of postpartum vision loss

Before birth, eyes were very good, but after birth, vision was not clear and often blurred.

When you look, you have to look closely and for a long time to be able to see clearly what you are looking at.

Or dry eyes, burning eyes

Eyes feel uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses.

The refractive and accommodation status of the eye changes and fluctuates during pregnancy and throughout lactation.

The treatments

After birth, vision problems persisted for about six months. There are also some treatments for vision problems after pregnancy, such as:

Dry eyes

The problem of dry eyes can be solved simply by using physiological saline solution, especially those who often use contact lenses. You can also contact your ophthalmologist to prescribe eye drops or treat eye problems.

With regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, gestational diabetes can be effectively treated.