Top 10 Places in Europe to Study Abroad - 2021

1. Ranking study abroad countries by cost?

1.1. Studying in the Americas – The most expensive in the world

International students study in the Americas mainly in two countries, the United States and Canada. The majority of foreign students in these two countries study abroad on their own, only about 20% are financially supported by educational institutions.

The cost of education in the US varies from university to university, ranging from $20,000 to $100,000. Typically, research universities have more scholarship programs than regular schools. However, in the US there is no correlation between tuition fees and teaching quality.

If comparing the cost of studying abroad, Canada is lower than other countries of the same quality. The fee for undergraduate level is only ⅓ while graduate school is only ½ of US education.

1.2. Study in Australia – Tuition is “inversely proportional” to the quality of education

In Australia, international students are mainly concentrated in New Zealand and Australia.

While in New Zealand, the quality of education and life is top in the world, but the cost of studying is low, the cost of education in Australia is much higher because students have to pay many other fees in addition to tuition fees. follow. In addition, Australian students find it difficult to find part-time jobs while in New Zealand, this policy seems to be more “loose” when students are allowed to work up to 20 hours/week during the semester and full time. vacation in the summer.

1.3. Study in Europe – Cost varies by country

Ranking European study abroad countries is quite difficult because the cost varies from country to country. There are places where the fee is “heavenly”, but there are also places where the amount is “easier to breathe”.

The UK is home to the highest cost of studying abroad in the world, however postgraduate courses in this country only last 1 year, much shorter than in other countries. The cost of living in the UK is double that of European cities, however, students enjoy great incentives when using public services such as restaurants, theatres, museums, cinemas. movies, buses, trains…. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap study abroad country, please remove the UK from the priority list!

An acceptable answer to the question “where is the cheapest country to study abroad” in Europe is Switzerland. Every year, this place attracts a large number of students to study with the world famous hotel and tourism industry. Tuition fees in Switzerland are very cheap with diverse scholarship support programs for students. In addition, although not allowed to work part-time, international students here can participate in unlimited paid internship programs.

The cheapest country to study in is the Netherlands and Spain. These are two lands with a low cost of living compared to countries with comparable quality of life and education. At the same time, Spain and the Netherlands also have a lot of scholarship programs and extremely large tuition reduction policies for foreign students.

1.4. Study in Asia – Low cost of living but few choices

If comparing the cost of studying abroad, the cheapest country to study abroad cannot be without Asian countries. However, the quality of education in Asia is usually only average, except for some prominent countries such as Singapore, Korea, Japan or China. Because economic conditions are not as good, people’s living standards are also lower, so the cost of studying in Asian countries is much cheaper than studying in other continents.

So in the end, which country is the cheapest to study abroad? The answer depends. In fact, whether studying abroad is cheap or not is up to you to choose and set out. What are your future career and degree goals? How much are you willing to invest to get there? You also have to compare the opportunity costs that are being traded off to achieve that goal.

Compare the cheapest country to study abroad by continent

Top 10 Places in Europe to Study Abroad - 2021