Celery – Surprising health benefits of celery

Cách giảm cân bằng cần tây và chanh hiệu quả đến đâu? | Mẹo Giảm Cân

Referring to celery, probably all of us immediately think of a vegetable used for daily meals and an ingredient used to prepare many delicious dishes for the family.

With the nutritional value brought from celery, let’s find out the surprising effects of celery for health today through this article

Nutritional ingredients in celery:

Celery has 1.95% nitrogen compounds, 0.07% fat, 1.15% cellulose and 1.13% ash, vitamins A, B, C, minerals such as Mg, Mn, Fe, I, Cu, K, Ca and vitamin P, choline, tyrosin, glutamic acid.

Cách giảm cân bằng cần tây và chanh hiệu quả đến đâu? | Mẹo Giảm Cân

This is a nutritious vegetable that brings many nutrients as well as has unexpected effects on human health today. Let’s find out what these unexpected effects are.

What is the effect of celery?

Vegetables need to be confirmed as a vegetable rich in minerals and vitamins especially rich in carotene and Vitamin C. Therefore, the effects of celery on our health today have many surprises from this vegetable. this like:

What diseases do celery vegetables cure?

Anemia, blood fat and hemorrhage:

In vegetables, celery contains a lot of iron and phosphorus and magnesium content. If it is juiced with carrots to drink every day, the effect of celery juice will help improve anemia and hemorrhagic diseases effectively. In addition, drinking celery and black apples every day will reduce blood fat significantly.

Rheumatism, gout, pharyngitis:

The alkaline substance in celery helps to neutralize the acidic substances that support the treatment of diseases caused by high acidity in the blood such as blood infections, rheumatism and gout effectively. Especially celery juice along with tomato juice has a stimulating effect on the nerves and nourishes the body, using this juice to gargle daily can cure sore throats and mouth sores effectively. than

Blood pressure and heart disease:

Did you know that celery does not contain fat and cholesterol components, so this is considered a very good plant to use to prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, the free amino acids in celery are also abundant, mannitol, inositol, vitamins that help treat anorexia diseases, strengthen the immune system, create appetite and promote blood circulation and brain.