Buy ready-to-eat chicken from the market, when it comes to preliminary processing, you must do this

Chia sẻ cách làm thịt gà nhanh nhất của đầu bếp chuyên

According to the experience of housewives, choosing raw chicken to peck or asking vendors to peck on the spot is the best way to keep meat fresh and fragrant without fear of buying sick or dyed chickens…

In the condition that they have to buy ready-to-eat chickens, the first requirement that housewives need to choose is that the chicken must look fresh, the meat must not have a bad smell or smell of antibiotics, and there are no bruises or hematomas on the skin. Absolutely do not choose dark or red chickens because that is the chicken that died before making.

Chia sẻ cách làm thịt gà nhanh nhất của đầu bếp chuyên

In addition, to avoid buying water pumped chicken, please pay attention, use your hand to press on the suspected water pump position (mainly thighs, breast) to check, if it is pasty, slippery or deformed, you should not buy it. .

Chicken is classified as a food with high nutritional value and is necessary for the body. However, it also belongs to the group of poultry containing many pathogenic bacteria and can be transmitted to the human body. Therefore, experts recommend that when buying chicken, it needs to be processed properly to prevent bacteria from chicken from spreading to other foods.


Cleaning the chicken with clean water is essential. Illustration

Before controversial information should or should not wash chicken under the tap, to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (former officer of Institute of Food and Biotechnology – Hanoi University of Science and Technology) said. , it is necessary to wash chicken before processing. According to him, the principle when processing food, all must go through the preliminary processing process, washed with clean water to remove dirt.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh affirmed, no one will buy chicken from the market without washing it clean before entering the pot to cook. Because most of the pre-processed chicken meat in the market such as feathering, slaughtering chickens… is often not hygienic. When we make our own, we also have to wash it with water before processing. If you do not prepare food carefully before cooking, it will not only ensure hygiene but also risk more harmful bacteria.

Experts recommend, to limit bacteria on chicken skin, it is best to use a little salt close to the chicken inside and out, then rinse with clean water and dry before processing. To avoid bacterial cross-contamination, all surfaces such as cutting boards and knives should be cleaned with hot soapy water. Ideally, a separate cutting board should be reserved for chopping raw chicken.