6 messy things in the bedroom and how to solve them

Don't tidy your room! Why we should let teens be as messy as they like


Clothes are a major culprit in our bedroom clutter. At the end of a long day, if you don’t fold them up, your clothes will pile up on the floor and leave them until the next day. So equip a dedicated hanger or a set of hooks on the back of the door so you can easily hang things up quickly. Avoid using chair backs as this can look messy in your room.

Don't tidy your room! Why we should let teens be as messy as they like


Shoes are also one of the details that make your bedroom messy. Keep a basket under the bed or at the bottom of the closet to store them. For your favorite pairs that can’t be hidden, buy a shoe rack so you can display them beautifully.

The cup

It’s all too easy for glasses and mugs to build up on your bedside tables, windowsills, and any other surface in your room. When you’re done with your glass of water, keep it in sight and as close to the door as possible so it’s easier to remember to bring it to the kitchen when you leave the room.


Instead of keeping makeup on the countertop, where it will create a mess, store it in a drawer. That way, we can easily find them and the space on the tabletop is neater and more organized.


Jewelry that is not properly maintained not only makes a room look cluttered, but can also lead to other serious problems. Invest in an elegant jewelry rack above the vanity to hang your jewelry in a neater and more refined way.

Picture frames

If you like displaying photos in your room, hang them on the wall. This is a much better option than placing them on countertops, where they gather a lot of dust and are often blocked.