4 ways to use wallpaper to create a new bedroom

30 Beautiful Wallpapered Bedrooms

Set color palette

One way to use smart wallpaper in your bedroom is to establish a color scheme for the entire space. Everything in the bedroom from wallpaper to blankets, sheets, pillows are combined in color in a harmonious and overall way.

Pick a color you love, then set everything around in that tone. Note that the size of the texture is very important, it should be proportionate to the size of the room. Larger rooms can handle larger samples and vice versa.

30 Beautiful Wallpapered Bedrooms

Create a striking wall

Since wallpaper will contribute to the style of the space, creating an accent wall is perfectly appropriate and effective to help change the space in the bedroom. A wall with large textures and bold shades will leave a lot of impressions, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Choose one wall as the focal point, the focal point for the whole room to attract the viewer’s attention. Usually, will choose the wall at the head of the bed. However, there may be an exception if you choose a paper pattern similar to a mural, which can be placed in a different position.

Temporary wallpaper replacement

If you are not ready to invest in an expensive, quality bed or furniture, think about using wallpaper as a temporary replacement. Although it is quite cheap, if you know how to choose, it will create an extremely aesthetic space.

First, you must measure it correctly, it is recommended to measure the wallpaper slightly larger than the width of the bed. Another rule of thumb is to leave a 2 -3cm border on the sides.

In particular, it is recommended to stick the wallpaper on a smooth and free of pits, thus reducing the possibility of finding unpleasant air bubbles on the wall.

More textures

Regardless of the type of print of wallpaper you use in the bedroom, there should be textures, not rough surfaces, as it will make the space boring and monotonous.

Experts recommend choosing textures with a natural theme. Prints with the theme: wood, stone are being chosen by many homeowners and are popular in recent years to create a space that is both modern and inspiring.